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About the Project:


The object of the Seven Horizons Timelines and Roadmaps Project is to assess emerging technologies -- particularly human enhancement technologies and their associated areas (e.g. autonomous artificial intelligence) -- and then attempt to answer two questions about each:


  • How seriously should be take this?
  • How much time have we got?


How This Site Works:


The site consists of individual pages containing information about emerging technologies.  You can access the pages in several ways:

  • Enter a search term in the "Search Pages and Files" search field found at the top right of most pages
  • View by clicking on a Horizon link found in the "Sidebar" menu on the right side of most pages - this will show you a list of technologies that land in that Horizon
  • View by clicking on the "List of tags" link found in the "Sidebar" menu on the right side of most pages - this will show you a list of tags associated with the technologies.  Click on a tag to see what pages are associated with it.


For more information about adding to the wiki site (for Seven Horizons consortium members), visit the "How This Site Works" page.


 If you are a member of the Seven Horizons consortium and need an account to log in and add a new page, or edit an existing one, please email garreau@asu.edu.   Anyone can comment without a login. 


Would you like authority to contribute new pages to this wiki, or edit existing ones?  If so, contact garreau@asu.edu,   giving us your bona fides, and we’ll get back to you.



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