Predictions: Smart Crowds and Human-Computer Systems

Recently, Ed Lazowska of, reviewed seven of the largest technological advances of the past decade and made seven predictions about the new decade. 


Smart Crowds and Human Computing Systems:


"Computers are great at multiplying large numbers. Humans are great at recognizing images. What if you need to do both? UW biochemist David Baker, working with UW computer scientist Zoran Popovic, has augmented his Rosetta protein structure calculation software with a web-based videogame providing human guidance. (Teenage gamers are beating the pants off of Ph.D. biochemists – there’s such a thing as too much education.) See it here. More generally, crowd-sourcing, a development of the past decade, will explode, enabling the rapid construction of small, innovative companies.


"Note that these are not “just applications” (although there is nothing un-cool about “just applications”). They require fundamental advances in computer science. "



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